Chair or Program Director: 

Anthony J. Lentz, Ph.D., Chair
Pasteur 156, Phone 502.272.7451,


Thomas E. Bennett, Ph.D.; Joanne J. Dobbins, Ph.D.; Mary O. Huff, Ph.D.; Mark E. Kaelin, M.S.; Paul J. Kiser, Ph.D.; Joann M. Lau, Ph.D.; David J. Porta, Ph.D.; David L. Robinson, Ph.D.; Steven D. Wilt, Ph.D.

The mission of the Department of Biology is to offer a broad, contemporary curriculum that will familiarize students with both the principles and practices of the biological sciences. The curriculum is designed to develop the intellectual competencies needed to enter graduate, medical, dental, veterinary, and other professional schools, or to join the workforce. Biology students have the opportunity to participate in research with faculty, as well as pursue studies abroad. The department conducts annual marine biology field courses at either the Gerace Research Centre on San Salvador Island, Bahamas, or the Belize Marine Tropical Research and Education Center on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Students and faculty also are involved with cooperative research at the Louisville Zoo, studying life science in unique natural environments

Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from Bellarmine with a B.A. or B.S. in Biology will demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the basic themes in biology: 
  1. Biochemistry and Cell Energetics
  2. Cellular Structure, Organization, Function
  3. Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics
  4. Diversity of Organisms
  5. Structure/Function of Animals (including humans)
  6. Structure/Function of Plants
  7. Population Genetics and Evolution
  8. Ecology
  • Analytical skills
  • The ability to communicate clearly in scientific (a) writing and (b) presentations
  • Familiarity with the process of science through laboratory (B.A. and B.S. programs) or independent research experience (B.S. program)

Degree Requirements

Course Listing