Computer Science

Chair or Program Director: 

Muzaffar Ali, Ph.D., Chair
Pasteur Hall 006J, Phone 502.272.8410,

The Department of Computer Science prepares students, who are capable of designing and developing new software and hardware. We educate our students to become “developers” rather than “users” of computer technology. At present we offer two degree programs: Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Both programs require computer science component representing the body of knowledge for Computer Science at the undergraduate level. This is accomplished by using a breadth-first strategy in object oriented programming, data structures, and logic design courses. The department also requires in both programs an in-depth study in operating systems, software engineering, and networking. Both degree programs require further courses in computer science and other disciplines to provide depth. A math minor is required for both majors.

Mission of the Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science supports the mission of Bellarmine University by striving to develop in our students the “intellectual” and “professional competencies for successful living, work, leadership and service to others.” The department has the following goals:

  • The student should demonstrate a sound understanding of the main areas of the body of knowledge and the theories of Computer Science, with an ability to exercise critical judgement across a range of issues.
  • The student should be able to critically analyze and apply a range of concepts, principles, and practices of the subject in the context of loosely specified problems, showing effective judgement in the selection and use of tools and techniques.
  • The student should produce work involving problem identification, analysis, design, and development of a software system, along with appropriate documentation. The work must show a range of problem solving and evaluation skills, draw upon supporting evidence, and demonstrate a good understanding of the need for quality.
  • The student should demonstrate the ability to work as an individual with minimum guidance and as either a leader or member of a team.
  • The student should follow appropriate practices within a professional, legal, and ethical framework.

Each program is designed to fulfill these goals. The intent is to prepare a student for a career that uses his/her computing abilities, or for further study at the graduate level. Both programs allow a student to solve problems and understand the processes of design and development of computer-systems and pursue studies in the hardware area of the field of computers emphasizing electronics, system design, and architecture (CE), or general computer science (CS).

Degree Requirements

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