Exercise Science

Chair or Program Director: 

Kent Brown, Ph.D., Chair
Miles 320, Phone 502.272.8391, kbrown@bellarmine.edu

The Exercise Science Program prepares students to advocate for community wellness; to pursue careers and graduate school opportunities in the healthcare, fitness and wellness; and to develop lifetime awareness of healthy living. The curriculum emphasizes the role of the exercise specialist in the prevention of disease through physical activity and health awareness. Students completing the Exercise Science curriculum will be prepared to sit for a number of external certification examinations in the fitness and wellness fields, including personal training, strength and conditioning, and as an exercise specialist. The major is also an option for pre-professional preparation for careers in physical therapy, nursing, respiratory therapy, athletic training, occupational therapy, and medicine. Exercise science is the study of how the human body responds to exercise and movement. The field emphasizes concepts of health, wellness and fitness, and the scientific basis of sports performance. Students in the exercise science program will take courses in exercise physiology, kinesiology, exercise testing and prescription, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and physics. The Mission of the Exercise Science Department is for students, faculty and graduates to advocate for healthy living, wellness and the prevention of disease related to physical inactivity and personal health decisions. Rooted in Catholic traditions of excellence in education and principles of social justice, the Department emphasizes outreach and service to all individuals of varying backgrounds, ages, needs and abilities to promote healthy lifestyles, wellness and fitness.

Program Outcomes

The goals of the Bellarmine University Exercise Science Department are to prepare students to:

  1. Prevent and treat disease related to physical inactivity and poor nutrition.
  2. Promote health, wellness, fitness and quality of life for everyone.
  3. Enhance human performance and athletic performance across the lifespan.
  4. Promote personal responsibility toward wellness and champion proactive lifestyles to improve the body, mind and spirit of the individual for life.
  5. Advocate for healthy lifestyle and wellness in the community, especially for those that are underserved and marginalized.
  6. Pursue graduate studies and careers in healthcare, fitness and wellness.

Pre-Medical/Pre-Physical Therapy Studies

Pre-professional education for dentistry, osteopathic, podiatric, veterinary, traditional medicine, and physical therapy can be designed in the Exercise Science program of study. The program of study is designed to be in compliance with the admission requirements of the professional schools. For more information and suggested program of study information for each professional school track, contact the Exercise Science department chair.

Degree Requirements

Course Listing