Dual Certificates: Elementary Education Program, Grades P-5 and Learning and Behavior Disorders, Grades P-12

Dual Certification

Bellarmine’s School of Education is leading the nation in innovative teacher education programs. Bellarmine is one of a small number of colleges and universities in the nation creating a more comprehensive teacher preparation program which incorporates the national standards for teacher competencies and the state standards (Kentucky Teacher Standards) by requiring all undergraduate students interested in teaching elementary or middle grades to complete a four year program which leads to certification in both general education and special education for learning and behavior disorders.

The diversity of the typical classroom in private, public or parochial schools has changed dramatically, requiring that teachers come to the classroom prepared with a new and more varied set of competencies. National and state standards for teacher competencies have outlined the skills necessary for the teacher of tomorrow. The standards include skills in Planning, Learning Climate, Instructional Delivery, Assessment, Teamwork, Professional Growth, Personal and Professional Reflection. Embedded in each of these skill areas are critical foundations of teaching which require the teacher to assess, understand and address the unique needs of students with educational disabilities and multicultural backgrounds.

The School of Education believes that the preparation of teachers with dual certification in general and special education competencies prepares our graduates for the many diverse and challenging classrooms of tomorrow. Graduates will be leaders in education serving their communities by helping every child develop to his/her highest potential.

Professional Education Courses

EDUC 112116200208231309329334335336337338339431436

Corequisite Courses

COMM 103 or 205;
ARTH 201 or 202;
MATH 101 and 102

Academic Emphasis Special Education

EDUC 102111122214220312315362382420446