Rank I Post Masters Program with a Learning and Behavior Disorders Endorsement (non-degree program)

Bellarmine University’s Rank I Post-Masters Program option with a Learning and Behavior Disorders Endorsement (Grades P—12) is designed for the classroom teacher with certification in Elementary, Middle School or Secondary general classroom areas. This is not a program designed for someone currently certified in Special Education.

All students seeking an endorsement in Learning and Behavior Disorders must successfully complete all required courses and pass the state required PRAXIS II exams in Learning and Behavior Disorders.


18-21 credit hours for the individual with current certification in Elementary Grades
SPED 510 Nature and Needs of Children with LBD
SPED 515 Speech and Language Development
SPED 520 Early Childhood Education of Children with Exceptional Needs
SPED 525 Procedures for Children with LBD
SPED 540 Educational Measurement
EDUG 612 Advanced Field Placement
EDUG 613  Advanced Professional Placement

24-27 credit hours for the individual with current certification in Middle School or Secondary Education will include all courses required for the Elementary candidate (with the exception of SPED 520) and:
LITR 535 The Teaching of Reading
MATH 523 Foundations of Mathematics
SPED 530 Teaming and Collaboration

Additional hours necessary for full Rank I status will be determined with the faculty advisor given the candidate’s academic background and professional goals.

Program Completion Requirements

  • A program of studies requiring a minimum of 60 hours graduate level course work (including the masters degree) with a minimum of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) grade point average throughout the program of studies.
  • A minimum of 15 hours graduate credit earned in residence at Bellarmine University is required for the School of Education to recommend a candidate for Rank I status. All credit hours must have faculty advisor approval.