Requirements for a Major in Accounting and MBA

Accounting courses: ACCT 101, 102, 211, 212, 215, 313, 317, 318, 414, 418, 425.  Required related courses: B.A. 103, 203, 345, 403; ECON 110, 111, MATH 125 or 117; MATH 205 or 314; COMM 103 or 205; PSYC 103. Major GPA requirement: Students must achieve a minimum 2.00 GPA for all Rubel School courses (accounting, business, economics, and finance) taken in the Rubel School (not counting transfer courses) to graduate with an Accounting major.  Students who meet admission requirements (grade point average and GMAT score) are admitted to the MBA program at the beginning of their fourth academic year.  The MBA courses are taken nine credits per semester on an every-other-weekend schedule.  The first eighteen credits of the MBA program satisfy eighteen credits of the undergraduate accounting degree, B.A. 301, 305, 326, ECON 314, FINA 315, and a free elective.  The nine hours of MBA electives that are included in the forty-eight hour MBA program may be taken in accounting and finance subjects.  A Bachelor of Arts in Accounting degree is conferred at the end of four years.  An MBA degree is conferred at the end of four and one-half or five years.

Note for Rubel School Double Majors

Students may not earn a double major in Accounting/Business Administration. Double majors in Accounting/Finance may take no more than 50% of their total credit hours in accounting or business administration courses for the Bachelor of Arts degree.