Requirements for a Major in Liberal Studies

1. A total of 126 semester hours, of which at least 36 must be taken at Bellarmine University.
2. At least 24 semester hours at the 300 and 400 level, exclusive of General Education requirements.
3. No more than 24 semester hours in a single discipline. A student who transfers to Bellarmine with more than 24 hours in a single discipline may count all of those hours, but no additional hours taken in that discipline may count toward the degree.
4. Course Requirements: 
  • 49 credit hours which satisfy the General Education Requirements
  • 6 credit hours meeting the Foreign Language Requirement *
  • 21 credit hours in the Humanities (Art, Communications, English, Foreign Languages beyond the 102-level (found under Global Languages and Cultures), Music, Philosophy, Theatre, Theology)
  • 15 credit hours in the Social Sciences (Criminal Justice, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology)
  • 35 credit hours of Electives

*Liberal Studies majors must complete six credits of a foreign language or satisfy the Bellarmine College Bachelor of Arts foreign language proficiency requirement.  If this requirement is met with the proficiency exam option, students must take additional elective credits in order to meet the 126 overall credit requirement.