Requirements for a Minor in International Studies

An International Studies Minor requires a minimum of 19 credit hours as listed below. Students are encouraged to chose a focus area and select courses to correspond with it, such as Hispanic Studies, Italian Culture, etc. 
No course can count both towards the Gen Ed Curriculum or the student’s Major and the International Studies Minor.
1. A minimum of six credits in a global language at the 200-level or higher. All courses must be taken in the same language and at least one of the courses must be taken at Bellarmine University.  If a student is a heritage or native speaker of a language other than English, alternative arrangements for completing this requirement can be made through consultation with the minor coordinator in the IPO.
2. A minimum of six credits in multi-cultural or cross-cultural disciplinary areas, chosen in consultation with the minor coordinator. See list below.
3. A minimum of six credits (and min. of 4 weeks) of either a university level study abroad and/or a work internship (in the U.S. or abroad) in an international and/or intercultural setting.
4. A one credit independent study that will bring together the student’s cumulative international experience during their years at Bellarmine University and abroad and/or work experience and its relationship to their coursework and career/personal goals. The student is required to write an 8-10 page paper in coordination with the minor coordinator.
Courses pre-approved to count towards the International Studies Minor are:
Anthropology:  all ANTH courses
ARTH 330 African Art History
Business Administration:
B.A. 445 International Experience
COMM 313 Intercultural Communication
ECON 314 International Trade and Finance
ENGL 324 Multicultural American Literature
ENGL 350 Contemporary International Literature
GEOG 175 Intro to Human Geography
Global Languages: All Language courses at the 200-level and above are pre-approved to count towards the 6 hour language requirement for the minor.
Interdisciplinary Courses: All IDC. 301 junior seminar courses are pre-approved to count as part of the multi-cultural/cross-cultural disciplinary requirement. Students chosing this option realize that they must take an IDC. 301 in addition to completing one for the Gen Ed requirement. One IDC. 301 course cannot fulfill both.
Political Science: