Global Languages and Cultures

Chair or Program Director: 

Nelson L√≥pez, MFA, Ph.D, Chair 
Horrigan Hall 111B, Phone 502.272.8237,


Julien Carriere, Ph.D.

The Department of Global Languages and Cultures is committed to helping Bellarmine students gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living and communicating in the globally interdependent and culturally diverse world of the 21st century.

Studying world languages not only provides students with valuable insights into other cultures, but it also confronts students with their own language, culture, and values. Knowledge of a foreign language serves as a solid basis for a broad liberal arts education. Proficiency in a foreign language provides the extra edge in the highly competitive world of trade and commerce, international relations, government, and research.

Learning Outcomes

The goals of the Department are to teach students to understand, speak, and write a world language so that they may:

  • develop their intellectual capabilities and study habits through world language study.
  • increase their understanding of how language functions and, through the study of a world language, develop a greater awareness of their own language.
  • keep current on the latest academic methodology and scholarly research across national barriers.
  • increase their personal awareness of culture through the study of great literature, philosophy, art, and music in the target language.
  • gain a greater understanding of people across national barriers, by developing sympathetic insights into the ways of thinking of the people whose languages they study.
  • be able to reflect on their own heritage and customs.
  • enhance their chances in today’s competitive world of global employment for initial recruitment and further advancement.

While many of Bellarmine students studying a world languages have cultural, social, political, and economic interests in order to support and broaden their studies in other fields, Bellarmine’s program is aimed toward preparing students for graduate school and a global job market, by offering a major in Foreign Languages and International Studies, a major in Spanish, minors in French, German, and Spanish, and a minor in International Studies.

Degree Requirements

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