Chair or Program Director: 

Robert G. Pfaadt, MA, Chair
Pasteur Hall 208-E, Phone 502.272.8267, rpfaadt@bellarmine.edu


Fedja Buric, Ph.D.; Margaret H. Mahoney, Ph.D.; Eric Paul Roorda, Ph.D.; Timothy K. Welliver, Ph.D.

Department Mission

The history faculty serves the mission of Bellarmine University by developing the intellectual and professional competencies of our students: majors, minors, and general education students. The department strives to present its program in the truest liberal arts tradition, which helps students correlate their knowledge of history with the other disciplines. This, however, does not imply that history majors receive anything less than a thorough understanding of the discipline. The history program is geared so that a major is prepared to continue study in graduate school, teach on the primary or secondary school level, and participate in many other academic and professional activities. Graduates are to be prepared for productive lives informed by a deeper understanding of the human condition.

Department Outcomes

General Education In completing the required Western World general education courses students will develop the following:

  1. an understanding of the historical development of the modern world (general education learning outcome #3);
  2. an appreciation of the variety of human experience (pursuant to general education learning outcome #4, “comparative understanding of the word’s peoples, places, and cultures”); and
  3. an awareness of continuity as well as change in the human experience.

History majors Students who complete the major in history will demonstrate (in addition to outcomes 1-3 listed above) the following:

  1. an awareness of essential historical and political perspectives, drawn from the wide global spectrum of human experience;
  2. an ability to read and analyze primary and secondary texts critically;
  3. an ability to interpret evidence and think historically; and
  4. an ability to disseminate their discoveries and ideas by oral and written means.

Degree Requirements

Course Listing