Music Technology

Chair or Program Director: 

S. Timothy Glasscock, Ph.D., Chair
Norton Music Building 203, Phone 272-8224,


J. Richard Burchard, MM

Technology continues to redefine the world for which we are training our students. New technological innovations involving computers and music offer today’s performers and composers myriad opportunities to develop their musical ideas and stretch them to the limits of the imagination. Effective competition in the music fields of today and tomorrow requires strong musical skills linked with ability and artistry in the use of electronic media. Students study a core music curriculum that includes music technology, music theory, music history, world music and private lessons on a musical instrument. The music technology program has seven goals for its degree program:

  1. Students should be prepared for a career in music, graduate study or teacher certification in music.
  2. Students should develop an understanding of music history and theory in western musical compositions from all eras.
  3. Students should develop the ability to perform in one performance medium.
  4. Students should develop skills in music composition in both the electronic and acoustic domains.
  5. Students should develop skills in on-site and studio recording in a variety of genres and styles with an emphasis on the home digital recording studio.
  6. Students should develop skills in computer music, including basic digital manipulation and editing techniques through synthesis, signal processing, software-based systems, and interactive computer music.
  7. Students should develop an understanding of historical and theoretical aspects of electronic music: acoustics, perception, basic electronics, invention, trends, aesthetics and the history of electroacoustic music.

Entrance Requirements

All music technology majors will be accepted into the program upon successful completion of the following: an interview with the program director, submission of a music portfolio and/or audio CD and an audition on an instrument or voice. These requirements are designed to allow the music technology faculty members an opportunity to assess your musical skills and background so that we may better advise you as to the most suitable courses upon entry into the music department. Successful completion of the course requirements for the degree and consistent improvement of your music and technological skills are necessary to maintain major status.

Degree Requirements

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