Chair or Program Director: 

S. Timothy Glasscock, Ph.D., Chair
Norton Music Building 203, Phone 272-8224,


J. Richard Burchard, MM; Dave Clark, MM; Alexander T. Simpson, Jr. Ph.D.; Meme Tunnell, MM

The Music Program offers an integrated program of both standard and commercial/popular instruction. Diverse course offerings, numerous and enriching music activities, individual attention from faculty, and a willingness to tailor-make each program according to the unique needs of each student make the Music Program a vital experience for student musicians. The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered with the following emphases: Jazz Studies, Piano Pedagogy and Accompanying, Vocal Performance, Instrumental Performance, Sacred Music Studies, and Teacher Certification with Music Specialization.


The Music Department at Bellarmine University is a student-centered environment that prepares professionals to be the leaders in the musical culture of the 21st century. In the Catholic tradition, successful learning takes place in an environment filled with wisdom, inclusiveness, diversity, self-discovery, engagement and compassion. Value-centered education in both liberal arts and professional specializations provide multiple educational experiences to prepare students to live in an interdependent world. The curriculum connects the historical practices of the past with the most current practices of today. The Music Department has six goals for its degree programs:

  1. Students should be prepared for a career in music, graduate study or teacher certification in music.
  2. Students should develop an understanding of music theory in western musical compositions from all eras.
  3. Students should develop an understanding of music history in western musical compositions from all eras.
  4. Students should develop the ability to perform in one performance medium.
  5. Students should develop the ability to demonstrate basic technique on at least one instrument that is not their major performing medium (including voice).
  6. Students should develop the ability to demonstrate basic skills with technology appropriate to the degree program.

Entrance Audition

The Music Department does not deny anyone the opportunity to enter our music program. All music majors and minors will be accepted into the program upon successful completion of an audition. The audition is designed to allow the faculty members of the music department the opportunity to assess your musical skills and background so that we may better advise you as to the most suitable courses and degree track. Successful completion of the course requirements for the degree and consistent improvement of your musical skills are necessary to remain in the major or minor status. Detailed audition information for specific instruments and degree tracks can be found on our website at www.

Teacher Certification: Music Specialization

The requirements for Teacher Certification with Music Specialization are listed in the Education section of this catalogue.

Piano Proficiency Examination and Sophomore Comprehensive Examination

All majors must pass a sophomore proficiency examination, taken upon completion of the fourth semester of study in the applied major in order to retain their major status. All majors must pass a piano proficiency examination to fulfill the piano requirement for degree conferral.

Degree Requirements

Course Listing