Chair or Program Director: 

Laura Hartford, MFA, Chair
Norton Art Building 206, Phone 502.272.7988,


Caren Cunningham, MFA; Tiffany Carbonneau, MFA.

The Bellarmine Art program offers an intensive examination of the fundamental principles of art and design, with wide exposure to various techniques and media, in an environment that encourages creative expression and experimentation. Students are provided the tools and knowledge to mature as artists in a creative, supportive atmosphere. Bellarmine’s faculty are professional artists as well as educators. Small classes allow for a generous amount of individual instruction, and each student’s needs and inclinations are considered in forming a program of study. Art majors may choose from four areas of emphasis: Digital Art, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture & Extended Media.

Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from Bellarmine with a degree in Art will demonstrate:

1. an understanding of the fundamental principles of visual design.
2. proficient craftsmanship and technical skill.
3. creative, original and expressive use of materials and design concepts.
4. a broad exploration of ideas, techniques and media.
5. knowledge of professional standards used to develop and present works for exhibition.
6. knowledge of art history.

Degree Requirements

Course Listing