Political Science

Chair or Program Director: 

Aaron Hoffman, Ph.D., Program Director
Pasteur Hall 208B, Phone 502.272.8170, ahoffman@bellarmine.edu


Lee Remington Williams, JD, Ph.D.; Eric P. Roorda, Ph.D.

The Political Science discipline prepares students for graduate school and for careers in government, law, and related areas. Every effort is made to instill in the Political Science major the habits of objective analysis and open-mindedness along with a positive attitude toward the problems and potentials of the political system.

For students majoring in Political Science, the program is designed to instruct them in the nature of American government, political theory, and international politics. For students majoring in other areas, Political Science courses provide a general understanding of politics, the political system, and the possibilities for responsible citizen participation. For both groups of students, the program encourages extracurricular political participation so that classroom theory can be tested in practice.

Mission of the Political Science Program

The Political Science program serves the university mission by educating students about politics in a way that respects the value and dignity of the human person while helping each student to develop a competency in the field of political science that is open to many political perspectives and benefits the public realm. The program enhances the education of all students taking political science courses by educating them on the nature of politics, the political system, and the possibilities for responsible citizen participation. It further educates undergraduate majors and minors in the content and perspectives of the discipline of political science, while preparing them to fully appreciate the many opportunities available to contribute to political life and/or to further pursue their studies at the graduate level. The program also aims to promote quality scholarly work and to facilitate participation in the activities of the academic community at the department, college, and university level.

Learning Outcomes

Students who major in Political Science will:

  • develop an understanding of American government
  • develop an understanding of political theory
  • develop an understanding of international politics
  • comprehend the approaches used by political scientists to understand politics

Degree Requirements

Course Listing