Requirements for Alternate Route to Teacher Certification (Option VI)

In conjunction with the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board, the Annsley Frazier Thornton School of Education at Bellarmine University has developed an alternative option to obtain teacher certification (Option VI) and complete the Master of Arts in Teaching degree. The student pursuing this route must be fully admitted to teacher preparation program, and have passed the PRAXIS II tests appropriate for the teaching field.

The student must be enrolled in consecutive semesters and must be employed by a school district as teacher of record. The temporary provisional license is a one year certificate which must be renewed by the School of Education in collaboration with school districts. The alternative route requires that all coursework and PRAXIS exams be successfully completed by the end of the Professional Semester within the first two years. A final recommendation for the full Professional Certificate will occur upon successful completion of the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP). State regulations do not allow for extensions or exceptions to the time constraints for the completion of the Alternative Route to Teacher Certification.

Advantage: Students fully admitted and in good standing may be considered for hire under the alternative license at various stages of the program. Students hold a Temporary Provisional Teaching Certificate, resulting in Rank III pay.  Rank II pay will be achieved at the completion of the final semester and awarding of the MAT degree.

How long will it take? One and one-half to two years to earn the MAT degree and Rank II pay. Students will hold a Temporary Provisional Certificate during the course of their MAT program, and are eligible for hire as a full-time teacher of record. KTIP will begin after the Professional Semester. Students in the traditional MAT program could finish the program in five semesters, and then be eligible for hire as a full-time teacher.

Current School of Education agreement with Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB)

  • Temporary-provisional licenses are issued for one year.  Candidates may be eligible to renew this license for one additional year if all criteria are met.
  • Upon successful completion of all MAT program requirements and graduation, candidates must renew the temporary provisional license in order to begin KTIP.  (Please note: the professional certificate is issued after successful completion of KTIP and upon recommendation by the employer/school district.)
  • Candidates must meet the clinical requirements of our MAT program (field hours and professional semester).
  • Candidates choosing Learning Behavior Disorders must complete it as a dual certification. All LBD requirements must be completed by graduation.

Policies to obtain School of Education Recommendation
As stated in 16 KAR 9:080, Section 2 (4) (b), one of the university requirements in conducting an alternative route program is to: Provide a candidate written and dated documentation of eligibility for the university alternative certification program so that the candidate may be considered for employment pursuant to KRS 160.345(2)(h).

A. Prior to accepting a teaching position, candidates must have completed the following requirements to ensure compliance with Kentucky regulations and the success of subsequent employment.

  • Candidates that have completed all academic emphasis course work will have highest consideration. Other candidates must pursue a waiver process.
  • Candidates must have successfully completed Module I and the requirements for Admission to the Teacher Education Program and/or must have comparable professional experience, preliminary training, etc.  Candidates pursuing special education employment must be enrolled in or have successfully completed one special education course.
  • Faculty will interview candidates to evaluate readiness for classroom teaching and receptiveness to university mentoring. Evidence of readiness may include observation/videos of teaching, field evaluations, etc.
  • The Dean will provide final recommendation for a temporary-provisional license.

B. Other requirements

  • Candidates must maintain continuous enrollment at Bellarmine in order to receive mentoring services for alternative certification. This includes MAT Modules and special education coursework. Enrollment in academic emphasis course work at other institutions is not considered ‘continuous enrollment.’
  • The candidate must provide written notification within 5 business days of any change in employment including resignation, termination, teaching assignment, etc.