Requirements for a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Degree, Middle School Education Grades 5-9

  • Successful completion of one (or two) twenty-four (24) hour minimum specializations for a program leading to Middle School certification prior to enrolling in the MAT program, or completing the designated coursework as part of his/her MAT program of studies prior to the start of the Professional Semester. Students may select one (or two) of the following areas: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies or a student may select one of these content areas with Learning and Behavior Disorders.  Learning and Behavior Disorders may not be completed as a single initial certification area.
  • A program of study which includes all the required coursework with a minimum of 3.0 overall grade point average.
  • A program of study that includes 36 - 39 hours of coursework at the 500 or 600 level.
  • At least 30 semester hours of graduate credit earned in residence at Bellarmine.
  • Successful completion of 201 clock hours of field experience prior to the Professional Semester.
  • Successful completion of all Benchmark, Disposition and Performance Assessments.
  • Completion of all degree work within six years of the applicant’s first registration in his/her program.

Curriculum Outline

Module I - Foundations of Education
MAT. 501 Advanced Field Placement/Observation
MAT. 502 Foundations of Middle and High School Education
MAT. 505 Curriculum Design and Methods for Middle Schools 
MAT. 509 Classroom Management Strategies

Module II - Sociocultural Studies in Education
MAT. 605 Teaching Diverse Learners
MAT. 610 Parents, School, and Community

Module III - Research and Tools
MAT. 600 Research Methodology
MAT. 614 Adolescent Psychology
MAT. 615 Computer Applications in Education

Module IV - Middle School Pedagogy, and Methods Course(s)
MAT. 545 Reading in the Content Areas
Depending on concentration(s), select appropriate methods course(s) from:
MAT. 580 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle School
MAT. 586 Teaching Social Studies in the Middle School
MAT. 590 Teaching Language Arts in the Middle School 
MAT. 596 Teaching Science in the Middle School

Module V - Professional Semester
MAT. 643 Professional Semester: Middle Grades 5-9
MAT. 644 Professional Semester: Middle Grades 5-9

Special Topics Seminars: Participation in a series of topic seminars will be required.

Note: Selecting an additional certification in Learning and Behavior Disorders will require additional course work to be determined by the Program Director.